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When you are publishing your blog posts, there's almost little to no feedback whatsoever: You don't get the engagement from the audience in the comments, or the nice sweet email. Your audience and "fans" are hidden behind analytics numbers. And then, there's you and your Markdown editor.

Yes indeed, next no to no feedback is a norm. Relatable, except for the Markdown editor.


Nintendo DS: внутреннее устройство, принципы работы и взлом

Archive it or you will miss it

At this point, link rot is an axiom of the internet. In the face of this, I store a personal offline archive of anything I want to see twice. When I see a cool YouTube video I like, I archive the entire channel right away. Rather than subscribe to it, I update my archive on a cronjob. I scrape content out of RSS feeds and into offline storage and I have dozens of websites archived with wget. I mirror most git repositories I’m interested in. I have DRM free offline copies of all of my music, TV shows, and movies, ill-begotten or not.


Robert J. Sawyer: Hugo and Nebula Award-Winning Science Fiction Writer

A popular (I don't know him) Sci-fi writer tells why WordStar is the best.


TextEditors Wiki: HomePage

A website about selecting and classifying text editors used in programming systems. These are the programming text editors such as Emacs, VI, Multiedit, slick, Slickedit, ISPF, Notepad, VI and VIM that are used by the vast majority of programmers on UNIX, Windows, VAX, and Mainframe systems. The structure of the website allows any vistor to leave their opinions, knowledge, and mark on the website for others to enjoy.



symmetrical image playground


Calculation - Solitaire Online

Play solitaire online - a game of strategy and skill.

I've never played this variant of Solitaire before. One would need to know the rules before playing:

I had to consult the layout quite often. The interface is not what one might be used to. It is fun though.

It took me 6 attempts to win. I had fun.

If you don't visit this site for 5 years your score will reset.


The Command Line Philosophy

Command Line Programs for the Blind

Karl Dahlke on blind a11y. Note that Karl is the creator of edbrowse.


Karl's Personal Web Site

Karl Dahlke



This person develops tools for the Fediverse in Go.



Link aggregator inspired by reddit and hacker news using ActivityPub federation.




A Social Feed Reader for the IndieWeb

The Mac version simply didn't run. I installed the Android version. On first run it showed a quick error which I did not understand. I wanted to see how my Betula, which emits h-feed and h-entry microformats, would look like in this app. Turns out, when it talked about IndieWeb, it talked about MicroSub, not microformats2. What a liar!

I tried to authorize to, after all it supports Mastodon too! It failed to authorize me.

Overall, I couldn't do anything at all with the app. Sharing it nevertheless.



z-run -- scripting library lightweight Go-based tool



kawipiko -- blazingly fast static HTTP server -- focused on low latency and high concurrency, by leveraging Go, fasthttp and the CDB embedded database


The Rust I Wanted Had No Future

The person who led the development of Rust the programming language points out some differences in his vision of Rust and the one we ended up with. If they were to stay, Rust would have been a boring language! It is good for a language to be boring, actually.


Numen Voice Control

Numen is Free Software voice control that gives people with strain or limited
use of their hands full control of their Linux machine. The philosophy is
to keep it simple with phrases that work universally.


STEPPER: A 16-step sequencer for the Game Boy Advance by BD

A 16-step sequencer for the Game Boy Advance (GBA)


Sun Thinking

Sun Thinking is a group exhibition that brings together artists, writers, and researchers to explore the qualities and logics of solar power and solar powered computing networks. It presents a collection of network-based artworks, games, texts, and interviews and is the first exhibition project to be hosted on the Solar Protocol network.


Permacomputing Aesthetics: Potential and Limits of Constraints in Computational Art, Design and Culture

Permacomputing is a nascent concept and a community of practice centred around design principles that embrace limits and constraints as a positive thing in computational culture, and on creativity with scarce computational resources.



rss-git — alexander cobleigh /

using rss to generate permissionless social activity feeds for source code repositories


Closed Registration for a Small Web

TL;DR: Closed registrations solve problems.


makew0rld/days: Command-line tool for calculating the number of days between given dates: days until, days since, days from

Command-line tool for calculating the number of days between given dates: days until, days since, days from


Quipu: The Ancient Computer of the Inca Civilization

Learn about the history and purpose of quipus, the system of knotted strings that recorded data in the ancient Andean world.


niedzielski/cb: 📋 Universal command-line clipboard with automatic copy and paste detection. Eg, `cb|sort|cb`.

Universal command-line clipboard with automatic copy and paste detection. Eg, cb|sort|cb.


Ditherpunk — The article I wish I had about monochrome image dithering —

I always loved the visual aesthetic of dithering but never knew how it’s done. So I did some research. This article may contain traces of nostalgia and none of Lena.


C82: Works of Nicholas Rougeux

C82 is dedicated to the works of Nicholas Rougeux, including data art, visualization, and design.


Warning: Lemmy doesn't care about your privacy, everything is tracked and stored forever, even if you delete it

TL;DR: Lemmy is bad: it does not delete messages and the author is bad too.



Postmill is a link aggregator that you can install on your own server: it is a
ready-to-use solution to bootstrap your community, including all the features
that you've come to expect.


cohost! - "i realize this might be swinging at the hornet's nest, but i have a genuine question about the Fediverse"

Low-tech Magazine: The Comic

Guillaume Lion visited Low-tech Magazine in Barcelona and turned his experience into a comic for the Belgian magazine Médor.

That's what they call BD?


Про Игру престолов — Кьеркегорка

Альфина ругается на Игру престолов, описывает самую главную разницу в сеттинге с Песней льда и пламени.


My instance of Upptime


Devine Lu Linvega's collection of various documents they collected. A personal archive.



Go bindings to the Lemmy API, automatically generated directly from Lemmy's source code using the generator in cmd/gen.


ping.txt — humungus - honk

An ActivityPub proposoal for pinging


XWiki: ActivityPub Application

An extension that brings XWiki to the Fediverse


Alex Schroeder: 2023-06-02 Gemini and curl

Alex Schroeder makes a review of Daniel Stenberg making a review of Gemini.

See /296.


The Gemini protocol seen by this HTTP client person

Daniel Stenberg makes a Gemini review.


I do not particularly know much about this website, but I really like how they have name Fisher and put a fish as their TLD.


CommunityWiki: Aggregated Information

How to save links? Write hooks! Lion told me that and I accepted that. It really inspired Betula.


CommunityWiki: Zelda Like Information System


My experiment with a Mini Cubes-inspired spatial information manager.


CommunityWiki: Mini Cubes

Lion Kimbro did the prototype. It still inspired me.


lynn/shanghai: Mahjong solitaire game for uxn (WIP)

Mahjong solitaire game for uxn


Я училась по обмену в Университете Претории в Южной Африке

История читательницы, которая ездила практиковать язык африкаанс


linkwarden/linkwarden: A self-hosted bookmark + archive manager to store your useful links.

A self-hosted bookmark + archive manager to store your useful links.


LinkAce - Your self-hosted bookmark archive. Free and open source.

LinkAce is a free and open source bookmark archive for long-term storage and organization of your favorite links.


A Quarter Century of Web Coding |

I both pity and admire beginner web coders of today. Unlike me, they've not been able to accumulate gradual knowledge of HTTP, HTML, REST, JavaScript, the DOM, CSS, AJAX, JSON, asynchronous execution and event driven object oriented programming over a period of decades. They haven't walked the long path from CGI scripts to modern server side tomfoolery via PHP, ASP and various MVC frameworks. They're just brutally thrust into a complex world of Gulp, Grunt, TypeScript, React Hooks and MobX-State-Tree and it's assumed they somehow already know about all that other stuff. Computer Science has moved into the frontend in earnest and yet it still seems as if many view "web development" as "making homepages", and that it's something you can learn over a period of weeks, not years.

In retrospect, web development has always been a bit of a struggle against the powers that be.
Some things that were pretty bad for quite a long time have gotten better. But, on the whole, I dare say it's much worse now than when I started. Much like how Commodore 64 programmers could keep a map of the entire computer in their head, a moderately competent developer could churn out an acceptable web site in a matter of weeks, understand every single aspect of it and get paid in the process. If I, a quarter century ago, had possessed the experience and knowledge I do now, the simplicity of those early web pages would've felt surreal. And yet, we apparently provided a service that was of some value to some people. A digital commodity, nothing more, nothing less. Actually useful software.


RE: Does a Blog Need to Integrate? |

No, not really, for

blogs with RSS/Atom/JSON feeds are already interoperable


Can We Make Bicycles Sustainable Again?

Cycling is the most sustainable form of transportation, but the bicycle is becoming increasingly damaging to the environment. The energy and material used for its production go up while its life expectancy decreases.


Using computers more freely and safely

Kartik rocking.


lipu li

A cute small wiki engine. I like the markup: it is Gemtext + HTML + Wikilinks.



NESFab is a new programming language for creating NES games. Designed with 8-bit limitations in mind, the language is more ergonomic to use than C, while also producing faster assembly code. It's easy to get started with, and has a useful set of libraries for making your first — or hundredth — NES game.

nes,programming_language - Fediverse of content

/kbin is an open source reddit-like content aggregator and microblogging platform for the fediverse.

Create and moderate communities, meet people with similar interests, and develop your passions.


you probably don't need a linux phone with a hardware keyboard

however, after having access to all three for more than two months now, i've really struggled to find situations where having those phones (or some similar hardware with modern internals) was actually useful. i regularly found myself reaching for my smartphone after being tired of typing out a long message on the tiny hardware keys, my thumbs hurting from the amount of force i had to apply to press them. i typed slower (even though i was touch-typing), i had more typos, and the typing experience in general was just worse. not to mention that all of the 3 phones had very different keyboards with different key sizes, different actuation forces, and different layouts. they all sucked.

i think that trying to converge the laptop/desktop and the smartphone into one device is a bad idea. the two have very different use-cases, different ergonomics, and different security models. i think that the best way to go is to have a smartphone and a laptop, and use them both for what they're good at. i also think that more people should learn to write mobile apps, as most of my discussions on this topic have boiled down to "i want a linux phone because i can only write desktop apps", which is kinda sad in my opinion.


The new Obsidian icon

Say hello to our new logo and app icon. This is the story behind our new branding, which we designed to reflect the principles Obsidian is built on.

It looks like a primordial arrowhead from literal obsidian. There is also a fun color toy on the page.


No A/C? No problem, if buildings copy networked tunnels of termite mounds

Inspired by termits, we might develop a cool energy-effective cooling and heating system. Look at the pictures too.


EmuOS v1.0

The purpose of Emupedia is to serve as a nonprofit meta-resource, hub and community for those interested mainly in video game preservation which aims to digitally collect, archive and preserve games and software to make them available online accessible by a user-friendly UI that simulates several retro operating systems for educational purposes.

A lot of games emulated in browser


Kill the Newsletter!

Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds.

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