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There is no 64-bit type in C89 - the sporks space

long long does not exist there! It is all extensions.


How does IRC's federation model compare to ActivityPub?

Типографика языка ифкуиль

принцип нулевой ошибкипринцип_нулевои_ошибки.html

Poka Yoke - яп. «избегать ошибок». Не искать виноватых в ошибках, но совершенствовать процесс.


How to Write Shell Scripts

How to Write Shell Scripts and don’t go ballistic in the process.


research!rsc: The Magic of Sampling, and its Limitations

A month after reading this article, I learned the same thing at the university.


Интернет всё забывает

Нередко на статье о какой-нибудь очередной инновации я вспоминаю, что такое уже анонсировали лет 15—20 назад, но найти этого не удаётся, — все новостные издания, которые об этом писали, давно исчезли.


InputOutput | Home

Simple web tools with no popups, no cookies, no tracking.


How to understand Cyrillic – Paratype

A Life Less Ads |

How to receive less ads and how good it is.


Feather Wiki | About

A tiny tool for simple, self-contained wikis!


Outliner Wiki,1

A collection of some outliners and note-taking apps on a Domino board.


domino 2



domino: a tool for collaging thoughts,0



EnglishFrontPage - Greg's Wiki

This is Greg's (also known as GreyCat's) wiki. It has some pages which may be of interest for people doing Unix shell scripting or system administration.

All Bash quirks are here.


Блог Рахима

О технологиях, жизни, идеях и науке.


blog - monochromatic blog

Cool blog. Completed.


tvler/streetpass: Find your people on Mastodon

Find your people on Mastodon.

StreetPass is a browser extension that helps you find your people on Mastodon. Here's how it works:

  1. Mastodon users verify themselves by adding a custom link to their personal site.

  2. StreetPass lets you know when you've found one of these links, and adds them to your StreetPass list.

  3. Browse the web as usual. StreetPass will build a list of Mastodon users made up of the websites you go to.


~kylep/beans - A flow based programming language built on uxn. - sourcehut git

A flow based programming language built on uxn.



Пока мир сходит с ума по искусственному интеллекту, всплакну о низком уровне разработчиков. Подкатило, нужно выплеснуть.

Иван Гришаев жалуется, что программисты плохо программируют.


There’s more than one way to write an IP address



Moving Up from a Raspberry Pi Web Server to a Low-Cost, Low-Power x86 Web Server

Seems like a continuation of the previous article: 186


Some of the Newer Thin Clients are Dirt-Cheap General-Purpose Computers

When my T620, arrived in the mail, I was immediately impressed. It has a substantial weight, due to its stong metal case surrounded by a thick plastic with many perforations for air flow. The T620 is fan-less, so it is absolutely silent while running, perfect for an HTPC. It reminded me of a Dell business desktop computer, because its cover can be removed without tools. Inside, the T620 was completely dust free. It looked new on the outside and the inside. This was almost like buying a new computer for $26.35. I immediately removed the 16 GB SSD and booted the T620 from an external USB flash drive with a command-line-only Debian distribution. Seeing that the power consumption never rose above 11 Watts during boot and remained at 5-6 Watts while idling confirmed that this should make a fine web server or NAS.


Thoughts On Markdown — Smashing Magazine

Markdown in all its flavors, interpretations, and forks won’t go away. However, it’s important to look at emerging content formats that try to encompass modern needs. In this article, Knut shares his advice against Markdown by looking back on why it was introduced in the first place, and by going through some of the major developments of content on the web.

The author tells how Markdown is used for different purposes.


Забытый зум

Хорошая обзорная статья.



A collection of zoomable demos working in browser. It is not smooth.


Compiling stack-based assembly to C

What does it take to bring functional programming to a stack-based assembly language?

About nito, 181.



nito, a proof-of-concept compiler from Uxntal to C

It is written in Raku!


The Internet Changed My Life

I’ve seen multiple discussions online as to the negative effects of the internet on society. There’s definitely harmful content online. It makes me sad to see the internet being used as a tool to s…



Extremely Online In Real Life

Is that enough? Evidence, as they say, suggests otherwise. We are finally always online and, as it turns out, lonelier than ever.


Reflections on the Internet: What It Should Be and Why

In a sense, we have begun to worship the Internet while we have lost our understanding of the basic principles that led to its creation a mere generation and a half ago. In this article I give as clear a picture as I am capable of what the Internet could be to each of us and why it should be that way.

Big text.


Finding "The Internet" Toxic and Depressing? Consider Leaving Your Walled Garden.

If you are finding the Internet toxic and depressing, you are very likely spending your time on the wrong part of the Internet.

I've read more than 20 texts like this. Here's another one.


Why I recommend CGI instead of web frameworks

The author tells us that CGI is good and should be used a lot.


Плохо — это нормально

Нужно воспитывать людей вокруг себя. Нельзя прощать пиццериям холодной пиццы. Нужно звать менеджера, шеф-повара, кого угодно — и требовать горячей. Нельзя выходить из супермаркета через неудобный вход, когда удобный закрыли за пять минут до конца рабочего дня. Нужно звать начальника службы безопасности, управляющего, кого угодно — и заставлять его открыть тебе тот выход, через который тебе удобнее всего выйти. Не всегда будет получаться — иногда и менеджеры тоже бывают буфетчицами.

Это сначала на тебя будут смотреть, как на сволочь последнюю. Но зато лет через 50 мы будем жить в другой стране. Если не ты, то кто это сделает?

Плохой работе не может быть оправдания.


One decade later, GNOME still sucks

~akkartik/ - graph drawing tool - sourcehut git

I've wanted something like this for a long time. Intended for small graphs where laying things out by hand is not too painful, and it's nice that things don't move around every time I make a change, as happens with graphviz. The file format is also amenable to git; no long lines, and adding new nodes or edges doesn't reorder unrelated nodes and edges.


Tips on formatting Markdown lists - Julio Merino (

Look at what they have to do to mimic the fraction of Mycomarkup's lists.


Always be quitting - Julio Merino (

10 things to do to improve your team and make yourself replaceable. The author claims that being replaceable makes it easier for you to grow professionally.


Linear types can change the world!

A smart paper about linear types. I did not grasp it fully.


Introducing Austral: A Systems Language with Linear Types and Capabilities

Introducing a new programming language.


77 Hardcore Polish Churches

О, «Герои»? Дайте две! Как я писал очередной браузерный клон легендарной стратегии, в который уже почти* можно играть

TL;DR для тех, кому некогда читать: Три года реального времени, ~340 дней разработки, 2 423 часа. 106 849 строк кода (62% JavaScript, 32% PHP, 6% CSS). Собственный парсер формата .h3m (...



The Cyber Swiss Army Knife - a web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis


Return of the Obra Dinn

Хочу поиграть


Funktal: a frugal functional programming language

Funktal is a functional programming language for the 64 kB Uxn virtual machine.

Why Fortran? Funktal is essentially an art project; using Fortran is a statement. I could have done this in C, but I prefer Fortran's arrays. I am using Fortran-90 but with a very restricted feature set.


My GPS Logs

Aaron Parecki has been tracking the location precisely for a long time.


🖌️ Horton Hears a Whostyle

whostyle - IndieWeb


Humans Were Actually Apex Predators For 2 Million Years, New Study Finds

Paleolithic cuisine was anything but lean and green, according to a recent study on the diets of our Pleistocene ancestors.


yojo: A CI bridge from Forgejo/Gitea to SourceHut

Octopus punches fish in the head (just because it can) | Live Science

Идея эволюции Дарвина: творчество, мысли, правило: VIKENT.RU

«Уезжая в Великое Плаванье, Дарвин захватил с собой и недавно вышедший первый том «Основ геологии» крупного английского геолога Чарлза Лайеля (1797-1875), который, в противовес господствовавшей в то время теории катастроф, одним из первых пытался установить медленное, эволюционное развитие земной коры, происходящее под действием всё тех же вечных, так считал Лайель, факторов (атмосферные осадки, текучие воды, морские приливы и отливы, извержения вулканов, землетрясения и т. д.), какие незаметно для человеческого глаза неуклонно видоизменяют (малое творит БОЛЬШОЕ) лик земли.

Эта книга произвела на Дарвина большое впечатление. В университетские годы он нисколько не сомневался в правильности основной церковной догмы (Библия, стих I: «Вначале сотворил Бог небо и землю» и так далее) или её вариантов (в какой-то момент Бог разочаровался в созданных им существах и ниспослал на их головы катастрофы, чтобы уничтожить всё живое и начать всё сначала). Однако теперь, воочию наблюдая во время многочисленных высадок на южно-американский континент природу этих далёких от Англии краёв, его начали брать сомнения. Он постепенно убеждался, что «ваять» природу, видимо, могут не только сверхъестественные божественные силы, но и действующие в продолжение гигантских промежутков времени (миллионы лет казались при Дарвине сроками фантастически большими, теперь счет идет уже на миллиарды) силы ничтожные.


Canadian Wetland Classification System — Wetland Policy

The Canadian Wetland Classification System (National Wetlands Working Group 1997) is based on a hierarchical system, which includes (1) wetland class, (2) wetland form and (3) wetland type. The five wetland "classes" are differentiated by their developmental characteristics and the environment in which they exist. The five classes are: bog, fen, marsh, swamp, and shallow water. Some wetlands accumulate peat (partially-decomposed organic matter) and are called peatlands. Bogs and fens are the dominant peatland classes in Alberta, although some swamps and marshes can also accumulate peat. In contrast, shallow open water wetlands and many marshes and swamps do not accumulate peat.


Spider Uses Its Web Like a Giant Engineered Ear | The Scientist Magazine®

The bridge spider uses its web as an engineered “external ear” up to 10,000 times the size of its body, according to a preprint study posted to bioRxiv on October 18. The discovery, which has not yet been peer reviewed, challenges many assumptions that scientists have held for years about how spiders and potentially other arthropods navigate and interact with the world around them.

“Evolutionarily speaking, spiders are just weird animals,” Jessica Petko, a Pennsylvania State University York biologist who didn’t work on the new study, writes in an email to The Scientist. “While it has been long known that spiders sense sound vibration with sensory hairs on their legs, this paper is the first to show that orb weaving spiders can amplify this sound by building specialized web structures.”


‘If it’s alive, it sleeps.’ Brainless creatures shed light on why we slumber | Science | AAAS

But others in the field are pushing for a much more inclusive view: that sleep evolved not with modern vertebrates as previously assumed, but perhaps a half-billion years ago when the first animals appeared. “I think if it’s alive, it sleeps,” says Paul Shaw, a neuroscientist from Washington University in St. Louis. The earliest life forms were unresponsive until they evolved ways to react to their environment, he suggests, and sleep is a return to the default state. “I think we didn’t evolve sleep, we evolved wakefulness.”


The Insidious Magic of Cats - Björn Wärmedal

Our neighbour is quite happy about him having a safe haven from the other cats. When he was bullied so much that he wasn't even left alone to eat in peace she gave us cat food to give him. Nowadays we just buy our own. I don't know if he ever eats there any more, but he surely eats at our house every single day.


What does ”tehepero” mean in Japanese? てへぺろ? テヘペロ? | Just a little Japanese

To those who don't know what is teehee pero and why do I say.


BQN: finally, an APL for your flying saucer

Memory Safeish Hare

Since the Hare programming language became public, it has been subject to some passionate criticism regarding a perceived lack of memory safety. I agree that memory safety concerns are very valid as shown by clear evidence, so the question becomes, should we write Hare off because someone online said it’s not strictly memory safe? I think that Hare can mitigate many of these problems today, while still being a small, simple and coherent language. let me explain how…


Как отправить сообщение на пейджер — the hard way / Хабр

Is the madness ever going to end?

Electron and React Native Desktop are supposed to be a revolutionary new way of making desktop applications. Except they are not, and they eat up all the memory you have and still ask for more. They constantly crash and have no value over a native desktop application what so ever - well, perhaps with the only exception that now a 2 year old baby can make something shiny that you can click on with your mouse.


Adactio: Journal—Suspicion

Algebraic Data Types in JavaScript -
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