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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): A Representation of Textual Information and MetaInformation for Retrieval and Interchange

A 1993 Internet Draft describing the first version of HTML.


CommunityWiki: Recent Changes

I visit it from time to time. This is a special wiki. In 2020 — 2021 it was pretty active thanks to my introduction. This wiki is where I learned about Alex and Lion.


Listing of Directory /man/tcl8.5/TkCmd/

All Tk commands. I referenced it when I was making a program in Tk.


Тексты Песен — Аддис-Абеба

Тексты многих песен на официальном сайте одной из моих любимых групп.


Keyboard Matrix Help

It took me a bit to figure this out, partly due to the fact of no really good explanation of it. So, I'm going to have a crack at it. Basically, I wanted to understand how keyboard matrices work. Specifically, I wanted to know why keyboard "ghosting" and "masking" happen, and how to prevent them.

All you need to know. That's a relic of the past century!


Chris's Wiki :: FrontPage

A static site, that claims to be a wiki. It is old and fun.


Chris's Wiki :: blog/web/VeryOldIfModifiedSince

This feed fetcher was sending an If-Modified-Since HTTP header, but it had a rather striking value of 'Wed, 01 Jan 1800 00:00:00 GMT'. Naturally this doesn't match any Last-Modified value my feed has ever provided, and it wouldn't help if I used a time based comparison since all syndication feeds in the world have been changed since 1800.


Feeds, updates, 200s, 304s, and now 429s

Some people pull feeds way too often. Sometimes they do not get what they want.


[Forem] Community for Everyone

The reason you joined the Internet. Forem provides open-source tools to help you host a thriving, focused, and adaptable community.

Forem is an open source platform for building modern, independent, and safe communities.


SDL2 common mistakes and how to avoid them

Initially, I did not want to save this article, but 4 months later I wanted to share it. I guess it only makes sense to save it here, for the next 4 months.


Редизайн Betula

Ярослав проектировал редизайн Бетулы. Сегодня я хотел на него посмотреть ещё раз. Чтобы более не терять, сохраняю здесь.

Очевидно, что я со значительной частью пунктов не согласен. Но тут есть достойные мысли. Вы наверняка увидите или уже увидели некоторые моменты из статьи в обновлениях Бетулы.


Digital encoding. Legacy software. Evolution.

We’ve finally got to the point in the software world where no big changes are possible. Every change breaks something, introduces backward incompatibilities and so on. More are more we are going to live in the world where software mutates gradually, advancing is small steps without much plan and intelligent design. Similarly to how organisms are dragged by natural selection, it is going to be propelled in unknown direction without asking us whether we like it or not.

The software industry is reaching the stage where it cannot be revolutionized heavily, it is to evolve like the living ones. It is not necessarily good.


Sure, we have imperative and functional. But what about cartesian programming?

The Cage of the Language

There are more cool words in English, because there are more people in English and more history in English that come up with cool words. Slovak is less wordy in that sense.


'Skew' in the history of computer systems

Different parts of computers improve over time with different speed. For example, CPU is much faster than RAM, but it wasn't always like that. Because of that, and other cases like that, there are extra abstractions in the computer design.


Цены на продукты питания в Китае

Цены на продукты в России растут и увеличатся ещё более. А как там в Китае? Сегодня предлагаю сходить в китайский продуктовый магазин и посмотреть на уровень цен.


Humble Chronicles: State Management

Search for the best state management solution for Humble UI


Inside the Code — WorldWideWeb NeXT Application

A deconstruction of some of the more interesting bits we found hiding in the WorldWideWeb source code

The very interesting part for me is the CSS predecessor:

Normal <P> 0 Helvetica 12.0   1
	90 90	14.0 3.0  0  0 14	0

The Browser — WorldWideWeb NeXT Application

HTML-based asset library and background on the WorldWideWeb NeXT browser

The first browser


pyrustic/jesth: Next-level human-readable data serialization format

Perhaps, funny



burn is an extremely simple diary program. You can only add new entries, or list all of them. No edits, no deletions, the history can’t be changed, and the time only moves forward. Make the best use of it.


Эпоха, батч, итерация - в чем различия?

Epoch, batch size, итерации - параметры для работы с большими объемами данных, когда нет возможности загрузить весь датасет в обработку.

Когда делал работу по мышиному обучению, эта статья чуток помогла после прочтения по диагонали.


Come back,, we still need you | Hacker News

From a discussion of how the newest version of the first wiki sucks. The version does suck, by the way.

I am blind. I do rely on accessibility to interact with a computer. Yes, you could accuse me of deliberately avoiding the modern web, but I have my reasons. Primary reason is performance. Even though I feel like you are talking down to me from a pretty high horse, I still don't wish for you to ever experience how sluggish it feels trying to use the "modern web" with a screen reader on something like Windows. Don't even make me start about the hellhole that is Linux GUI accessibility. It was a nice ride once, before GNOME 3 and the elimination of CORBA killed most of the good work done by good people. Fact is, I am too used to a system which reacts promptly when I press a key to be able to switch to a modern browser by default. That would kill all my productivity. Yes, its a trade, but for now, having no JS engine by default is still way better then the alternatives.

Have a nice day, and enjoy your eye-sight.


Kidney Bone Wiki

A proper mirror of WikiWikiWeb.


Космическое оригами

Про миура-ори и соседнее


Introduction | Phoenix

Something about configuring your puter with JavaScript.


platform stability — sourcehut lists

A thread in the uxn's mailing list. Felix asks about uxn's stability, Devine says it will be stable soon enough, and this:

Don't think of a Varvara as a platform just yet, at best, it's something that can inspire others to explore their own ideas of how a VM can be used to preserve their own projects. There is very little experimentation done in this space and it's sort of in the research phase right now.

Links like this can discourage you from learning uxn. They do not discourage me, though. The Summer streams of 2022 are a proof.


uxn notes

A collection of illustrated notes on the virtual machine uxn.

Cute images like this:



A port of uxn to GB and GBC. Wonderful!


lynn/uxn-harp: Tiny uxn autoharp


Notes on Uxn.


I don't want to go to Chel-C

A classic rant on uxn and programming. Uxn is done for.

Uxn says it's about permacomputing and vintage computing, the author of the article says it's not and proves it.

The author insists on a relation to permacomputing. Their page on permacomputing describes frugal computing and salvage computing as principles of permacomputing, defining them as "utilizing computational resources as finite and precious, to be utilised only when necessary, and as effectively as possible", and "utilizing only already available computational resources, to be limited by that which is already produced." The author is part of a collective that wanted to replace all the "bloated" software they used, due to having little energy storage on their sailboat. Using software design techniques to reduce power usage, and to allow continued use of old computers is a good idea, but the uxn machine has quite the opposite effect, due to inefficient implementations and a poorly designed virtual machine, which does not lend itself to writing an efficient implementation easily.

Devine then mentioned it, and a discussion followed.


Spider Solitaire Windows XP

The online game Spider Solitaire Windows XP is a similar version of a legendary and quite popular Solitaire game that comes free with Microsoft Windows XP operating systems. Many people spent hours playing this game on their old computers. And now it’s available online.


Victor (@vponamariov)

How user interface evolved for the past 40 years ✨


About the Finder... - Page 1 - (03/2003)

A case against tabs

Tabs are bad, and we can do without them as long as we have windows.



A collection of notes.


The Sore Feet Song / Mushishi theme tune

The Sore Feet Song, that was used in a Mushishi opening, was, in fact, not originally written for Mushishi! The author of the song elaborates on that a little.


Nintendo Switch browser capabilities

Not so good.

I am sorry for linking such a ridiculously made website.


OpenBSD is fantastic

I have been using OpenBSD, a FREE, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based Unix-like operating system, both professionally and privately since about 2004, and today I'm going to share some of my experiences.


How to implement strings

There are many alternatives to C strings. Here we explore the design space.


Why you should migrate everything from Linux to BSD

Turning suckless into suckmore

The suckless philosophy is all about keeping things simple, minimal and usable, but some people seem to have misunderstood it completely.


One Letter Programming Languages

If you are looking for a free name, there is none.


IndieWeb Events | IndieWeb Events


Си должен умереть?

Киллер-фич зига три, на мой взгляд

  1. Тотальный контроль работы с памятью, намного более гранулярный, чем в C (аллокатор из коробки не один, их много, они разные, можно делать свои и передавать их другим программам)

  2. Минимум имплицитного поведения, то есть всё максимально явно описывается в языке

  3. Compile Time metaprogramming, то есть компилятор во время компиляции может исполнять код, при этом само понятие "тип" это просто объект языка, с которым можно поступать так же как с числами, или структурами. Просто гляньте как в Zig сделаны дженерики



Поймал себя на мысли, что совершенно не хочется куда-либо ссылаться, когда пишу заметки в блог. За 21 год существования этого сайта, померло почти всё


web archiving

неочевидные интернетынеочевидные_интернеты.html

имя им легион


The original URL for this prediction ( will no longer be available in eleven years. - Long Bets

Online Communities are Ephemeral - the sporks space

Online communities spawn, grow, and die. Why? How? What can be done?

It just happens. Nothing can be done. Accept.


offbrand mp3 players, in honor of the retirement of the ipod

They’re finally killing the iPod.

Cool mp3 players photos.


Холодный душ

Холодный душ повышает мощь.


Семь предметом для японской женщины — Haiku Daily

В японской культуре есть такое расхожее выражение «нанацу доогу» — семь предметов (или семь инструментов), которые определяют человека по профессии или по его предназначению.

Например, есть список для воина, куда входят: кольчуга( панцирь), катана, длинный меч, лук, стрелы, накидка «хоро» и шлем.



Greek tragedies are time-travel stories.


Why OO Sucks by Joe Armstrong

My principle objection to OOP goes back to the basic ideas involved, I will outline some of these ideas and my objections to them.


How do I know if I really need object oriented programming?

It's easy to determine if you really need the object oriented paradigm, you just need to look for the things that you can only do with object oriented programming and then ask yourself whether you really need that. It's called "The Three Pillars of Object-Oriented Programming". If you don't use all three at the same time, then you're not doing object oriented programming and you don't need it.


Matching pantry containers

I want matching pantry containers, even though I shouldn't.


SQLite the only database you will ever need in most cases

This is true.


Present & Correct

Beautiful stuff. Check out the blog!

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