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Ученые случайно обнаружили колонию странных существ подо льдом Антарктиды

Животные, обнаруженные под льдами Антарктиды, ведут оседлый образ жизни, они не способны передвигаться с места на место. Обычно чтобы такие создания смогли жить глубоко на океанском дне, им нужны стабильные запасы пищи в виде «морского снега». Все живые существа, плавающие в километрах воды наверху, однажды умирают, и со временем тонут. Их частицы, которые не достались никому более прожорливому, со временем добираются до дна.


Interspecies Internet

Interspecies Internet is a think-tank to accelerate our understanding of interspecies communication.

Не очень понятно, что они сделали уже, надо разобраться. Тема интересная.


dt: duck tape for your unix pipes

Deepnight Games | RPG Map

GitHub - aaronpk/Nautilus: Turn your website into an ActivityPub profile

This project is meant to run as a standalone service to deliver posts from your own website to ActivityPub followers. You can run your own website at your own domain, and this service can handle the ActivityPub-specific pieces needed to let people follow your own website from Mastodon or other compatible services.


The Anti-Mac User Interface (Don Gentner and Jakob Nielsen)

Blot – A blogging platform with no interface.

A site generator using the file system as the interface.


Braille Awareness Day - my life with braille | London Vision

If you're happy with OpenBSD, probably any computer is good enough.

Софт, исходники и фото |

Сайт разработчика OutWiker.


Computers are an inherently oppressive technology

This may seem a strange heading for someone whose career is in computers, yet I feel that this article has been a lifetime in the making. It is the product of intuitive observations and things that have stood out to me, even as a child, who even then could sense the sinister side of the most banal of technologies.


The Gift of It's Your Problem Now

Beware Offers of "Help" with Your Projects

A specific someone in disguise says that accepting help to your software projects often leads to destruction.


“Low-Resource” Text Classification: A Parameter-Free Classification Method with Compressors

One can use gzip to classify data.

Deep neural networks (DNNs) are often used for text classification due to their high accuracy. However, DNNs can be computationally intensive, requiring millions of parameters and large amounts of labeled data, which can make them expensive to use, to optimize, and to transfer to out-of-distribution (OOD) cases in practice. In this paper, we propose a non-parametric alternative to DNNs that’s easy, lightweight, and universal in text classification: a combination of a simple compressor like gzip with a k-nearest-neighbor classifier. Without any training parameters, our method achieves results that are competitive with non-pretrained deep learning methods on six in-distribution datasets.It even outperforms BERT on all five OOD datasets, including four low-resource languages. Our method also excels in the few-shot setting, where labeled data are too scarce to train DNNs effectively.

Our method is a simple, lightweight, and uni- versal alternative to DNNs. It’s simple because it doesn’t require any preprocessing or training. It’s lightweight in that it classifies without the need for parameters or GPU resources. It’s universal as com- pressors are data-type agnostic, and non-parametric methods do not bring underlying assumptions.

Without any pre-training or fine-tuning, our method outperforms both BERT and mBERT on all five datasets.



CC0 1.0 text as plain text

For some reason it took me some time to find it. Saving here so it is easier next time.


Shrinking Bee Populations Are Being Replaced by Human Pollinators

Paying human pollinators is cheaper than renting bees in areas with no bees.


Newsqueak: A Language for Communicating with Mice

1994. The language is nicely designed. Nice to see the original goroutines here, as this is a Go predecessor. The rodent theme is old, as it seems. The mice in the title are the computer mice.


research!rsc: Storing Data in Control Flow

Oh, that's how I should refactor Mycomarkup. Perfect.


Weblite -

Weblite attempts to provide simplified specifications for HTML, CSS, XML for the simpler web. In idea, if you stick to these specs, your site will work like in every browser, including the small ones.



Adriane, the Gemini browser for Android, and the Gempub format, were made in this digital lab.


State Machines: Introduction

It's fun and easy to express state machines in Rust, as this article clearly shows. Wouldn't be that much fun in Go, innit?

Using type system for ensuring correctness of the state machines is a good idea. I should do that...

This article has two sequels.


Save Your Threads

Save birdsite threads to PDF:s. I wonder if it still works.


SVG Repo

Куча бесплатных и свободных SVG иконок. Надо будет что-нибудь для Бетулы взять.


Китайские сайты такие китайские

Почему на них так тесно и красно.


Too much efficiency makes everything worse: overfitting and the strong version of Goodhart’s law

Overfitting is bad. The best example in the article is the school system. Tests were introduced to measure students effectively. They were a good measure for that! Then schools started focusing on tests. You know what happened. Поколение ЕГЭ, cramming, etc.


microformats/mf2py: Microformats2 parser written in Python

A Python library for handling microformats2. It parses Betula well.


I Don't Like Musical Instruments

Our favorite dodecahedron says that learning to play an instrument is not worth it. They are not as good at it as they wanted. They also invite to focus more on composing, and leave performing to robots.


Under the Radar #267: Don't Run Servers - Relay FM

Два аёс-разработчика говорят, что если можно сделать продукт, не поднимая сервер, лучше так и сделать, особенно учитывая какие прекрасные возможности для программиста дают современные яблочные устройства. Синхронизация через яклаўд, производительность до дурного высокая и всё такое.

Я, конечно, не аёс-разработчик, но могу обратить внимание на то, что у меня ваще всё с сервером. А ведь Бетулу можно было бы и без него! Но на самом деле получилось бы хуже, ведь мне не один айфон поддерживать, а как минимум андроид и мак, которыми я пользуюсь.

Подкаст можете не слушать, я за вас послушал.



Красные ночные палитры интерфейсов

Если делать дизайн только из красного света, то глаза не будут терять ночное видение, потому что ночные палочки не замечают красный свет. Так-то толку от этого мало, но в некоторых случаях супер-полезно. Например, морякам и астрономам.


Roguelike и Древняя История

r/aliens - From the late 2000s to the mid-2010s, I worked as a molecular biologist...

A fun read.


NetHack Philosophy

Playtesting feedback, 2023

One of NetHack4 developers playtested several NetHack variants and told their findings and thoughts on balance in great design.

I've never got to Sokoban in NetHack. I basically don't know how to play. Despite that, I enjoyed this ridiculously long article.

Also, it was the first article in 6 years in the blog. Luckily, RSS catches everything.


Killed by Google

Killed by Google is the open source list of dead Google products, services, and devices. It serves as a tribute and memorial of beloved services and products killed by Google.


Game Boy Advance gets a new, free step sequencer, complete with p-locks - CDM Create Digital Music

Stories like this make me want to get a GBA SP, but the prices for screenmodded GBA:s make me unwant.


Ian's Shoelace Site – Shoelace Knots – How To Tie Your Shoes

Красиво! Надо себе выбрать завяз нормальный, а то я как-то плохо шнурки завязываю. Меня Б. как-то учил крутому узлу, но я забыл.


Дневник Христофора Колумба

Христофор приплывает на землю счастливых людей и сразу думает о том, как его отнять. Чем всё закончилось, знаем.


Fighting Efficiency

... we are heading to the world where 10% of population would be able to produce all the goods needed.

... How is the 90% going to make their living?

They are not. If nothing changes they are going to die of hunger. And even worse, once that happens there will be only 10% of the population left, so the market shrinks to one tenth of its original size. At that point only only one tenth of the survivors — 1% of the orginal population — will be needed to produce all the goods. Thus, 9% will be left with no work to do and will also die of hunger. Now, of course, the demand plummets to 1% of what it used to be in the past and, given the improved efficiency, only 0.1% is needed to satisfy it. 0.9% is left with no work, is starved to death etc. Vicious circle perpetuates until the last human being dies of hunger.

All in all, there are three possible solutions:

  1. Decrease efficiency

  2. Work less

  3. Consume more

I think the initial problem is wrong. We still need at least some millions of people to sustain the world. We can't go to one person in the limit who will manage a farm, a factory and an internet server all by themselves.

The author says the proposed three solution won't solve the problem long term. Yeah, they won't. They aren't solving it now. Says a universal basic income might help, but says it's a topic for another day.

See also /408


The Cost of Abstraction

Take the cost of introducing new abstractions to your code in consideration.


Myopic Experiences and Distant Observers

A fish in the water doesn’t know what water is, a fish would also be a horrible swimming instructor.

The subjective experiencer definitely knows something that the observer doesn’t, but there are probably things that the observer can understand that they can’t and they might not be able to ever grasp it.


A Complete Guide to Flexbox | CSS-Tricks

I check this one every time


Как установить расширение для SQLite

Антон Жиянов рекламирует свой новый реестр. Там показано, как расширение в Го подключить, может пригодиться потом.


sqlpkg - SQLite Package Registry

Alex Schroeder: 2023-06-16 Reinventing search

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is killing the web. Bots are writing text for other bots to read, wasting electricity and contributing to our downfall. The faster this bubble bursts, the better. I’m intent on helping it into the abyss. This is my Butlerian Jihad.

So what’s the alternative?

Link aggregators that allow people voting, with federation to allow for different communities to form, and moderation to prevent vandalism, hate-speech, spam and trolls. And then search there.


Edbrowse, a Command Line Editor Browser

Edbrowse, a text based editor browser.


Ten Digits on a custom mini computers

Mini computer easel is complete. I will continue to think about how to make it more stable/solid, but seems quite workable for my purposes.


Crazypedia⍼ on toki pona keyboards

the #conlang nerd in me is so tickled that more than one person has designed and/or build #tokiPona keyboards 🤓

There is a non-zero chance that I may try to make a pi zero terminal or something to use with the discord and at some point


Compact Pi Based Cyberdeck with Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard is cute! A symmetrical layout. 3 keys for fingers, except for the index, which has 6; 3 thumbs. Low profile.


XHTML Club - Extreme HyperText Movement for Luddites

There are several tens of members. New members are accepted.


Unit Test Fetish

Unit tests are not a panacea. End-to-end tests are often much more useful. Some things cannot be tested at all. Think before testing.


Bullshit jobs

They predicted we would have to work less now. We work the same, and we have a lot of “bullshit jobs”. I don't like name, but the term seems to be popular, so I'll stick with it for now. Why such jobs emerge? People need work, and if there is no real work, they are fine with fake work.


The Clockwork inside Game of Thrones

GRR Martin has a nice way of captivating the readers while still killing the characters all around the story. Usually, that wouldn't work, but he has a trick.


John MacFarlane - Beyond Markdown

They identified several problems with Markdown and proposed solutions to it for a future markup. I know of a good solution, which has no such ambiguities — Mycomarkup. Although a lot of points of the article do not really apply, as Mycomarkup is missing some features...


Why Does "=" Mean Assignment?

Why in C = means assignment


When digital nomads come to town - Rest of World

We need more of Richard Stallman, not less

RMS was right with the four freedoms. Copyleft was the solution all along. Then Ploum lists the freedoms and a new obligation:

  • The right to use the software at your own discretion

  • The right to study the software

  • The right to modify the software

  • The right to redistribute the software, including with modifications

  • The obligation to keep those four rights, effectively keeping the software in the commons.


Welcome to []

A surprisingly cute Linux-related news forum.

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