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MEMEX - Going Github [ 2023-03-25 ]

I've moved Marginalia's sources to Github. Can't pick every battle.


Naomi Kizhner's jewellery harvests energy from the human body

⚠️ Content warning: body modification.

The one that is inserted in your arm is very exciting.


Print Free Graph Paper

Save yourself money and a trip to the store! Print graph paper free from your computer. This site is perfect for science and math homework, craft projects and other graph paper needs.


📏 Число Грэма: самое большое число в мире

Про гипероператор.


cstate/cstate: 🔥 Open source static (serverless) status page. Uses hyperfast Go

9front in QEMU

A few months ago, I decided to attempt an installation of 9front (a popular fork of Plan 9) in QEMU. I was ultimately successful, and decided to write some notes down as I went.


Твит про замощение

Тут нашли невыпуклый многоугольник, которым можно замостить плоскость бесконечным числом способов, при этом каждый из способов является непериодическим.


Mycosphere: Ancient-Future Artifact

An experiment in mycofabrication; conducted in collaboration with Ganoderma lucidum and harnessing the power of the Sun.


Стартап, создающий кожу из грибов, привлек $10 млн - Inc. Russia

Стартап Mycel привлек $10 млн, которые потратит на расширение штата и создание собственного производства в Южной Корее. Компания занимается разработкой заменителя кожи, в основе которого корневая структура грибов.


Mushrooms — Palm93 gallery

Hokuto’s Kinoko (Mushrooms) | Hokuto Corporation

A mushroom shop


Oyster Mushrooms Controlling An Audio and Video Modular Synth - YouTube

There are many videos involving mushrooms synthesizing audio, but here is one synthezing video as well!


Design notes on the 2023 Wikipedia redesign

Long cool article about the Wikipedia redesign. Nice pictures!


Alex Schroeder: 2023-02-22 Adapting the game

How a Dune-inspired TTRPG might look?


Alex Schroeder: 2023-03-07 A vision for search

This compressed JSON file (better than XML, right?) would be a well-known path for every site, like “/.well-known/index.json.xz”. It lists all the pages on your domain, and their keywords.


Why is the OpenBSD documentation so good?

The OpenBSD operating system is known to be secure, but also for having an accurate and excellent documentation. In this text, I'll try to figure out what makes the OpenBSD documentation so great.


The Commander X16 has finally arrived! - YouTube

The 8-Bit Guy and a big team have made a Commodore descendant.



Rclone is a command line program to manage files on cloud storage. It is a feature rich alternative to cloud vendors' web storage interfaces. Over 40 cloud storage products support rclone including S3 object stores, business & consumer file storage services, as well as standard transfer protocols.

Rclone has powerful cloud equivalents to the unix commands rsync, cp, mv, mount, ls, ncdu, tree, rm, and cat. Rclone's familiar syntax includes shell pipeline support, and --dry-run protection. It is used at the command line, in scripts or via its API.


Старый друг лучше новых двух

Социальные сети

Some thoughts on Vala


grishka/Smithereen: Federated, ActivityPub-compatible social network server with friends, walls, and groups.

Mastodon—and the pros and cons of moving beyond Big Tech gatekeepers | Ars Technica

Contains quotes from Christine Lemmer-Webber!


Guppe Groups

Guppe brings social groups to the fediverse — making it easy to connect and meet new people based on shared interests without the maniuplation of your attention to maximize ad revenue nor the walled garden lock-in of capitalist social media.

I used to post to


~mariusor/brutalinks - Link aggregator inspired by reddit using ActivityPub federation. - sourcehut git

This project represents a new attempt at the social link aggregator service. It is modelled after (old)Reddit, HackerNews, and trying to combine the good parts of these services while mapping them on the foundation of an ActivityPub generic service called FedBOX.

It targets small to medium communities which ideally focus on a single topic. At the same it allows the community to reach other similar services and the rest of the fediverse ecosystem through the ability to federate.


edsu/feediverse: Send RSS/Atom feeds to Mastodon

feediverse will read RSS/Atom feeds and send the messages as Mastodon posts. It's meant to add a little bit of spice to your timeline from other places. Please use it responsibly.


lotide: Federated forum / link aggregator using ActivityPub

A federated forum / link aggregator using ActivityPub.


Go is not an easy language

Go is not an easy programming language. It is simple in many ways: the syntax is simple, most of the semantics are simple. But a language is more than just syntax; it’s about doing useful stuff. And doing useful stuff is not always easy in Go.

XahLee сказал:

the best languages to learn today for the next 20 year are: golang, PowerShell, Mathematica.

Про голянг понятно. Про остальное:

PowerShell or the pwsh, is far better shell than bash and unix bag friends.
Mathematica, is the programing language far beyond any other in the computing industry. A magnitude beyond all existing. It is more than a programing language, because it is really a computational knowledge base. Asides from math functions, such as solving equations or integration symbolically and hundreds other special math functions only a handful mathematician understands, it also embodies just about every practical algorithm in computer science. So, given a algorithm, you might write it in lang X for a hour or days, but Mathematica has it as part of the language, just call a function. Mathematica has few thousand functions builtin, not even needing to load a library.

🍄: Мне нравится, когда люди хорошо говорят о Мафематике. Мне она тоже нравится. Хочу как-нибудь лицензию получить... Говорят, с малиной π в комплекте идёт 🤔


ksimka/go-is-not-good: A curated list of articles complaining that go (golang) isn't good enough

A curated list of articles complaining that go (golang) isn't good enough

Not maintained since 2017. Nevertheless, the list is huge!


How the Go runtime implements maps efficiently (without generics) | Dave Cheney

I get the impression that a map can only hold 64 values from this text, but this is not true. How does it work?


Lies we tell ourselves to keep using Golang

A wonderful read


My Thoughts About Go - sulami's blog

TL;DR* It feels boring, it feels old, and as a consequence overly laborious. As a general purpose language, I feel D does the job a lot better.


Are you a Go black belt? — Bitfield Consulting

The author applies the belts from martial arts to Go knowledge. I have the green one.


The Zen of Go | Dave Cheney

The author applies the Zen of Python to Go and tells us how Go programs should be written. This is a well-written article.


Любопытный, но довольно бесполезный пример полиморфизма в Go

Go is a great programming language

Perhaps the matter I most appreciate Go for is its long-term commitment to simplicity, stability, and robustness. I prize these traits more strongly than any other object of software design. The Go team works with an ethos of careful restraint, with each feature given deliberate consideration towards identifying the simplest and most complete solution, and they carefully constrain the scope of their implementations to closely fit those solutions. The areas where Go has failed in this regard are frightfully scarce.


gopherdata/gophernotes: The Go kernel for Jupyter notebooks and nteract.

Gophernotes is a Go kernel for Jupyter notebooks and nteract. It lets you use Go interactively in a browser-based notebook or desktop app. Use gophernotes to create and share documents that contain live Go code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. These notebooks, with the live Go code, can then be shared with others via email, Dropbox, GitHub and the Jupyter Notebook Viewer. Go forth and do data science, or anything else interesting, with Go notebooks!


The right way to use go-sqlite3

SQLite is a wonderful piece of software and it is completely meaningful to use it in a project written in Go even though SQLite itself is in C. Though people has been hitting lots of issues with it, mostly "database is locked" error that seems to appear out of nowhere.

First of all, SQLite allows concurrent readers but only a single writer. Unlike most places where you may encounter some sort of synchronization SQLite does not wait for the write lock to become available - instead it just returns an error, letting the caller deal with it. This is why you are getting "database is locked" errors.


Ebitengine - A dead simple 2D game engine for Go

Ebiten (/ebíteɴ/) is an open source game library for the Go programming language. Ebiten's simple API allows you to quickly and easily develop 2D games that can be deployed across multiple platforms.


Felix Rambles: Using Go despite misgivings

And do I need to explain how bad it looks to have GitHub support baked right into your toolchain in 2020? We tried to warn you, folks.


Statically compiling Go programs

Go creates static binaries by default unless you use cgo to call C code, in which case it will create a dynamically linked binary. Using cgo is more common than many people assume as the os/user and net packages use cgo, so importing either (directly or indirectly) will result in a dynamic binary.


Alexey1994/simple-processor-circuit: simple processor circuit suitable for repeating transistors

Этот процессор может быть выполнен на транзисторах в домашних условиях. Схема строится только на логических элементах NOT, OR, AND, XOR, NOR. Битность можно задать любую добавляя провода и логические элементы в соответствии со схемой. Здесь представлена схема минималистичного 4-х битного варианта на 155 логических элементов.

This processor can be hand-made. The only logic gates the circuit uses are NOT, OR, AND, XOR, NOR. You can adjust the word size by adding more wires and logic gates in line with the circuit. The circuit provided here is a minimalistic 4-bit one with 155 logic components.


Permacomputing — solderpunk


Permacomputing | viznut

This is a collection of random thoughts regarding the application of permacultural ideas to the computer world.


The One Week Command Line Challenge

Cheapskate installs an outdated OS on an outdated computer with laughable capabilities, yet somehow manages to use it.


permacomputing wiki

Permacomputing is a more sustainable approach to computer and network technology inspired by permaculture. Permacomputing is both a concept and a community of practice oriented around issues of resilience and regenerativity in digital technology.



Rule of thumb: use POSIX shell.


PotatoP |


A minimal computer which harvests power from the ambient light, offering
only a minimal LISP programming environment.

I feel that if it could become sufficiently powerful to run a shell and
a text editor, you could quickly expend it to read/send emails and even
browse Gemini.

Maybe I’m dreaming…

Date Format — Ayu

This is a solar calendar system. According to the position of the Sun on the ecliptic, a tropical year (the time the Earth takes for one revolution around the Sun) is divided into twelve parts, which are known as the twelve solar months, numbered with the twelve Earthly Branches🪐. Each month is divided into two halves, the first named “Jie” (season) and the second named “Qi” (climate), totalling 24 periods, which are named according to the patterns in weather and natural phenomena that the ancient Chinese had drawn from their farming experience, and are now collectively named “the solar terms”.


Где и когда видели снежного человека на Южном Урале?

Описания о встречах с шурале


Таинственные жители уральских пещер: народы чуди и дивьи люди

Описания подземных народов.


Shift Happens: Typewriter simulator

Looks very graphical


Introducing Wyldcard — Wyldcard

The idea has been floating in the Noösphere for a while now.


playlist for silly goofsters

songs to do your silly little tasks to


Shimmie 2

A danbooru-style image board, des­igned to be easier to install, run, and extend.


50 Years Later, We’re Still Living in the Xerox Alto’s World - IEEE Spectrum

Building a Minimalistic Virtual Machine

Miniflux API Reference

Of interest. I want to make a Miniflux star importer.


We need to talk about your Github addiction

Про Новосибирск — Туту.ру

История про то, как Новосибирск обскакал Томск при помощи железной дороги, а потом стал третьим по населению городом в России.


Typewriter concept reinvented for nostalgic, digital users - Yanko Design

Soithàs Marràidh. Вести извне

cognate-lang/cognate: A human readable quasi-concatenative programming language

Cognate is a small dynamic quasi-concatenative language for functional programming. Cognate aims to express complex programs in a simple and readable way through its unique syntax, which emphasises embedding comments into statements. This makes programs very readable and helps a programmer better express their intentions.


Thoughts on Swift and Objective-C

Tables and Strings in COBOL |

Since I'm a deeply demented man with a lot of free time on my hands, I decided to expand a bit on the subject - if only to give myself a chance of brushing up on my own very rudimentary COBOL knowledge.


Accidentally Turing-Complete

A list of things that were not supposed to be Turing-complete, but are.



An overview of Holy C, the programming language for Temple OS.


Damn Small Software - Björn Wärmedal

Now and again I go back to looking at the Damn Small Linux website. I never tried it but I absolutely love the idea. It was a desktop OS at only 50 MB, meant to include everything you may need on a daily basis. Of course it had to go with small scale versions for most things, but it packed no less than three different web browsers, two window managers, word processor, spreadsheet editor, pdf reader, and more. Wow!



HOT DOG Linux uses a custom lightweight Objective-C foundation on top of the GCC Objective-C runtime. The style of Objective-C is completely different from the one Apple uses, everything is basically id.

By design, Unicode is not supported.

Low DPI displays are preferred, since the graphics are bitmapped and fixed in size. The preferred aspect ratio for HOT DOG Linux is 5:4 in landscape, and 3:4 in portrait.


duskos: 32-bit Forth OS mixed with C

Dusk OS is a 32-bit Forth and big brother to Collapse OS. It does everything Collapse OS does, has the same laser sharp focus on simplicity, but has a widened scope


KolibriOS official site

A small operating system


A review of the Julia language

Here's a language that gives near-C performance that feels like Python or Ruby with optional type annotations (that you can feed to one of two static analysis tools) that has good support for macros plus decent-ish support for FP, plus a lot more. What's not to like? I'm mostly not going to talk about how great Julia is, though, because you can find plenty of blog posts that do that all over the internet.


Reasons for servers to support IPv6

Some reasons. They have not convinced me to care enough to enable it.


Is techno-clutter ruining your life?

Psychologically, hoarding behaviour is rooted in fear, particularly of deprivation, or uncontrolled change, perhaps with unresolved loss or attachment to old patterns as a deeper cause. Hoarders can't move on. They cannot select what to throw out, because their value judgements are disrupted.


Some Thoughts on Collecting Computers

Russian Federation - HackerspaceWiki

List of hackerspaces in Russia.



Ergohaven presents: K:02 keyboard

Эргогавань — какая-то российская организация про клавиатуры. Надо разобраться


Readability | Zettlr

This page provides four different readability algorithms, implemented using the Open Source Markdown Editor Zettlr.


linkhut: A social bookmarking site

linkhut is an open source social bookmarking website.


Announcing Offpunk 0.2 : What is Offline?

The real problem with Internet addiction is that you know when you connect to it, often to check something particular, finding yourself two or three hours later without having accomplished anything but jumping from seemingly interesting links to catchy videos. Your brain is fed with low-quality content which has (mostly negative) impacts on your thoughts, your well-being, your mood, your productivity and your self-esteem.

Software like #Offpunk may help here by allowing you to never be directly connected to the Internet. You don’t use your computer while it is connected to the Internet. This means that you only consume content on your own computer, without being tempted to check if there’s anything new. Replying to a specific email doesn’t force you to see that new emails just arrived.

Besides the "offline" command, the "tour" feature of Offpunk forces you to read new contents in a linear fashion. And when you get to the end of it, Offpunk will tell you explicitly that this is the "end of tour". Yep, there’s nothing more to procrastinate on your computer. Move your ass and do something. The command line aspect allows you not to be distracted by the design and to be mindful about what you want to do. You need to type a command, you can’t click mindlessly.

Categories:gemini,offpunk 2022-03-30

fun fact: pleroma was called 'wired' when i started writing it, i changed it because it would been impossible to find in a search engine


Privacy and Tracking on the Fediverse | Lainblog

Mastodon and Pleroma support four settings for post visibility. These are public, friends only, unlisted and direct messages. What actually happens when you use those settings? The only thing they will change are the to and cc fields of the created activity and object. Your server will federate the post to other servers depending on those fields, and hopes the other server respects this. There is no technological guarantee for this, though. A malicious server could leak all the data it receives. This includes posts to friends and direct messages.


Blushy-Crushy Fediverse Idol: A Chat with Lain about Pleroma | by Sean Tilley


Pleroma creator's blog.


An Initial Exploration and Review of Secure Scuttlebutt

Some opinionated thoughts on SQL databases - Made of Bugs

Unfortunately, in my opinion, those incredible storage engines — some of the finest pieces of systems engineering available to us — are hidden behind what I find to be a very frustrating interface. Let’s look at what I dislike about SQL.


Фотошоп Средневековья / Хабр

При создании изображений в старых книгах использовали аналоговые методы редактирования и склейки изображений!


Fonts, a Fuzzy Fringefest |

Как сочетать шрифты, не сочетая шрифты - Блог Игоря Штанга — ЖЖ

Swiss Style Color Picker | International Style Colors Scheme Palette

Швейцарская типографика

Swiss in CSS


TabFS is a browser extension that mounts your browser tabs as a filesystem on your computer.


Pipelinefunk by Armin Küpper

The author has many videos like that. A true piper.


Simon Stålenhag

Petname Systems

On addressing.



An extensive, fast, and accurate command-line image dithering tool.

That's a good one.




Doldrusidus is an open-ended, obscure simulation realized as a multiplayer game taking place in a small universe. At its core, the engine is a simulation of entities possessing a number of different components that represent their properties. One such property is the ability to emulate machine code assembled for the uxn fantasy architecture.



Varaboy is a Game Boy emulator written in uxntal for the Varvara system.


CapsLock Enhancement Mac v3

Transform ⇪CapsLock into a powerful modifier ✱ Hyper that miraculously increases your work productivity!


A Simple Network of Underground Wells and Tunnels


Bitters is an open-source text editor. It's heavily inspired by the Canon Cat computer: it builds on the Cat's novel ideas, and adds some of it's own to the mix!


Hard disk hacking - Intro

If you're happy with OpenBSD, probably any computer is good enough.


Classless CSS themes


«Кассиопея»: «У нас не концепция, а контрацепция»

Интервью с одной из моих любимых групп.

COLTA.RU отправила «Кассиопее», состоящей из театрального звукорежиссера Александра Либерзона (музыка), актера Ильи Самохвалова-Черепко (голос и тексты) и снайпера стрелковой дивизии Сергея Соколова (гитара), вопросы письмом по электронной почте, а в ответ получила фотографии нескольких бумажных листков.

Мы всегда хотели работать в поп-формате, но наш поп-формат не совпадал с общепринятым, и клевали на него (почему-то) люди с различными отклонениями и изъянами во вкусе.



A Critique of SQL, 40 Years Later

SQL is not so good!


Why Isn't 1 a Prime Number?

📜 Scroll: tools for thought.

Not exactly sure what that is, but looks cool, like a newspaper.


A different kind of keyboard

An arpeggio keyboard. Reminds me of Octodon.



Implementation of Unicode for Uxn


Holocene calendar

CLI from Merveilles introduced me to it. I have also seen it before somewhere.



How to Use the rock phone

A description of a fantasy device.

The rock phone accepts various types of input: speech, morse code tap/hold, written characters, bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth headsets. The rock phone produces various types of output: speech, morse code beeps, bluetooth serial console, console avilable by wifi, remote screen available via wifi. The rock phone has a bone conduction speaker inside so you can place the rock phone on your temple or behind your ear to privately hear rock phone speech output/sounds, phone calls, music, or any other sound the rock phone might make.


The Screenless Office

The Screenless Office is a system for working with media and networks without using a pixel-based display. It is an artistic operating system. The office presents a radically alternative form of everyday human interaction with media. It is constructed using free/libre/open hard- and software components, especially for print, databases, web-scraping and tangible interaction. Currently, it exists as a working prototype with software "bureaus" which allow a user to read and navigate news, web sites and social media entirely with the use of various printers for output and a barcode scanner for input. While our existing software allows for interesting new ways of consuming media, we are currently working to expand the system to make it capable of publishing content and thereby, enabling a provocative possibility for active participation in contemporary social life.

They haven't really got anything to show, and the project seems to be abandoned. And using so much paper, I don't know, seems not so good. But cool concept! I want to learn more, but how?


Riddle solved: Why was Roman concrete so durable?

To prove that this was indeed the mechanism responsible for the durability of the Roman concrete, the team produced samples of hot-mixed concrete that incorporated both ancient and modern formulations, deliberately cracked them, and then ran water through the cracks. Sure enough: Within two weeks the cracks had completely healed and the water could no longer flow. An identical chunk of concrete made without quicklime never healed, and the water just kept flowing through the sample.

I knew Roman concrete was cool, but not that cool!



scim is a bash script to simplify scanning from the command line.


Plan 9: экстремальный KISS

hugeping рассказывает про Plan 9. Интересно!


How Memory Safety Approaches Speed Up and Slow Down Development Velocity

A good overview of 4 memory management approaches. TL;DR: There is no panacea.


Desert Island Test

"A good test case for whether a license is free (for issues like this) is whether a disconnected group of people on a desert island could distribute the software among themselves. In the vim case, they cannot. (For example, if the vim maintainer flies over the island and drops down a message saying "you must hereby send me your changes", how are the people down below to comply?) The fact that the vim maintainer can send the request does not say anything about whether the people receiving it could reply."


Fun with text user interfaces

The venerable Dialog utility (based on ncurses, and maintained by the same person for the past couple of decades) is one option: a small program that can handle a variety of common interactions like choosing a file to open, or entering dates, while looking good and being easy enough to use.

The utility is as at


Command Line Interface Guidelines

Probably an allusion to Human Interface Guidelines by Apple.


Command line HTTP apps

I just rediscovered a question I wrote on Stack Exchange. I can’t remember much about the context, but the idea is to have an ordinary “web server” application accessed through http, but simply sending plain-text backwards and forwards to a command-line based client.


A notebook is a human's best friend

A notebook is a human's best friend. It's the only friend who will always stay neutral to your argument, whether it is controversial or not. It's the only friend who will capture all of your wild and rational thoughts and feelings and give nothing back. It's the only friend that will tell you the most amazing or depressing stories, in which your younger self are the main character. It's the only friend that will store all of your thoughts years after your death and tell your stories to those who read it.


Why you should not use (f)lex, yacc and bison

The Trouble with PowerPoint 🧑‍🏫


Summarizing Edward Tufte's essay "The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint".


What’s The Difference between Utopia, Eutopia, and Protopia?

Anton Zhiyanov

One of my most favorite technical blogs out there. The author has an excellent taste in everything. I've been following him for years.

Ещё по-русски есть:


Mushroom color atlas

Many cool colors


Stop Building On Corporate-Controlled Languages


Cool system, though I do understand it fully. I especially like the Gestku the author posts on the Fediverse.