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Craig Comstock / gesture

gesture - handwriting algorithm with implementation for linux touchscreens injecting keys into a tty.


Project CETI

CETI is a nonprofit organization applying advanced machine learning and state-of-the-art robotics to listen to and translate the communication of sperm whales.


Java — Гришаев

Гришаев завёл себе пет-проект на Яве и отчитывается, что современная Ява вообще-то классная! Я тоже это подозревал, поэтому решил попробовать её в Бетулоптиконе.


stephank/ Challenge someone to a game of chess using toots!

This is the codebase for, an ActivityPub server with a single
hardcoded 'King' service actor that acts as a chess arbiter.


Generating income from open source

To my projects only paid hosting seems applicable.


Научная фантастика у Куприна

У Куприна в «Молохе» есть превосходный, пророческий отрывок. Я выделил одну фразу, но он хорош целиком, особенно про всё растущую стоимость времени


hardware - projects -

Hardware electronics projects.


POV Candle -

A tiny volumetric display!

See 953 for a video.


Tiny volumetric display

A simple but satisfying design. 5 min video.


The reckless, infinite scope of web browsers

I conclude that it is impossible to build a new web browser. The complexity of the web is obscene. The creation of a new web browser would be comparable in effort to the Apollo program or the Manhattan project.

A classic read.


Breaking the web forward

Safari is holding back the web. It is the new IE, after all. In contrast, Chrome is pushing the web forward so hard that it’s starting to break. Meanwhile web developers do nothing except moan and complain. The only thing left to do is to pick our poison.

This is actually why I prefer Safari.


Block Comments are a Bad Idea

Be they nestable or not nestable, they fail.


Scientific Open Source Meetup №5

Айтишники и учёные соберутся в баре и будут обсуждать опен-сорс. А знаете, кто там будет?! Там будет Данила! А знаете, про что он будет там говорить??? Про Бетулу!!! Питерские, давайте быстренько записывайтесь.


Confessions of an Abstraction Hater

Somehow, longer functions are good.


Documents Are the Wrong Metaphor

So the author says. They say, the right metaphor is songs! This is non-sensical, documents are the right metaphor, and we should do our best to preserve it.

The author of the website claims to know a bit about hypertext, and they do, but look at this URL! How to fix it? UPD. From the computer I managed to close the extra tabs on the page which were not visible on the phone and fix the URL.


Screens, Research and Hypertext

Convivial Tools

Illich’s fundamental thesis in these three books - and throughout all of his work - is that the institutionalisation of competencies diminishes the individual’s ability to acquire them. Thus the institutionalisation of school diminishes our ability to learn, the institutionalisation of technology diminishes our ability to master tools, and the institutionalisation of medicine diminishes our ability to heal and to care for ourselves and others.


A Wheelchair is a Small Gundam by anna anthropy

Wheelchairs are beautiful, a marvel of technology. They are mech suits, cybernetic enhancements, they are machines that we join with in a nourishing symbiotic relationship. They are not prisons; wheelchairs are liberation. They are freedom, they are a walk in the park, they are the sunlight on my face after years in dark tunnels.

A short text zine.


Unscii - a bitmapped Unicode font for blocky graphics

A group of scientists set out to study quick learners. Then they discovered they don't exist

A study from Carnegie Mellon University finds that everyone learns at the same rate, although some students have a head start.


Redowan's Reflections

Hi, I'm Redowan Delowar—a wandering sciolist with a flair for ones and zeros. I learn, write, and tweet about Python, Go, SQL, and the broader landscape of software in general.


Laurence Tratt: Four Kinds of Optimisation
  1. Use a better algorithm.

  2. Use a better data-structure.

  3. Use a lower-level system.

  4. Accept a less precise solution.

Pick the simplest solution.


My note-taking process


Игорь рассказывает, как делает заметки.

Вложенные теги не нужны

Do not try to create a hierarchy (taxonomy) for your notes. It is not scalable and only works for narrow domain. Prefer tags.

Не понимал, зачем раскрашивать буквы в книжках, но Игорь пишет, что это полезно, когда есть комментарии

It is not useful to highlight without commenting. Writing summary is mandatory, highlighting is optional 1.


Wiki pages | gretzuni

Greta on wikis.



Opt-in Fediverse search. Users individually can join too.



Convert Evernote .enex files to Markdown.



🗃 Open source self-hosted web archiving. Takes URLs/browser history/bookmarks/Pocket/Pinboard/etc., saves HTML, JS, PDFs, media, and more…


Таблица «безопасных» цветов

Цвета из нашей палитры везде будут отображаться правильным образом и без искажений. Любой из 216 цветов «безопасной» палитры может быть использован для графики, текста и фонов.

Ограниченный список цветов. Поможет, когда важна совместимость с плохими экранами. Почти всегда, то есть.


Default Browser Styles - Björn Wärmedal

Apart from that I rely very much on how browsers present my site, from the default font and size to the paragraph distance and the emoji set used. HTML was actually made to be responsive. It's a reflowing format that theoretically works on any screen size. But of course that won't be the case when there's things like sidebars or banners and stuff. And there pretty much always is.


The Surprising Truth About Pixels and Accessibility

The truth is, if you want to build the most-accessible product possible, you need to use both pixels and ems/rems. It's not an either/or situation. There are circumstances where rems are more accessible, and other circumstances where pixels are more accessible.


Defensive CSS - Introduction to Defensive CSS

Practical CSS and design tips that helps in building future-proof user interfaces.


Forth: The programming language that writes itself: The Web Page

An exploration of the evolution and meaning of the Forth programming language and its context in history.

A long long article about Forth. One probably already knows most of stuff there, but it's fun nevertheless.



Darling — macOS translation layer for Linux


Демонстрация редактора RED (движок Rein)

RED: Редактор вдохновлённый ACME из Plan9. Написан на движке Rein.

Пётр записал видео на 40 минут, где он показывает свой крутой редактор, который по сути является реимплементацией Acme по своему вкусу и желанию на своей платформе. Как же он крут!


Answers to common (web) accessibility questions |

Энциклопедия грибов «ВикиГриб»

Справочник энциклопедия грибов «ВикиГриб» 🍄 - каталог всех видов грибов растущих на территории СНГ (Россия, Украина, Белоруссия)


Городские граффити ЕКБ

Ого, культура стрит-арта там посильнее, чем в Уфе или в Казани! Даже посмотреть захотелось.


The Dunning-Kruger Effect is Autocorrelation – Economics from the Top Down

The Dunning-Kruger effect states that incompetent people overestimate their competence. You've heard of that before, probably. Turns out, there is a major error in the statistics: the effect is actually nothing more than an autocorrelation. If we measure the stuff correctly, the effect disappears.



An archiving HTTP proxy and on-disk archival format for websites.


The role of cat eye narrowing movements in cat–human communication - Scientific Reports

Domestic animals are sensitive to human cues that facilitate inter-specific communication, including cues to emotional state. The eyes are important in signalling emotions, with the act of narrowing the eyes appearing to be associated with positive emotional communication in a range of species. This study examines the communicatory significance of a widely reported cat behaviour that involves eye narrowing, referred to as the slow blink sequence. Slow blink sequences typically involve a series of half-blinks followed by either a prolonged eye narrow or an eye closure. Our first experiment revealed that cat half-blinks and eye narrowing occurred more frequently in response to owners’ slow blink stimuli towards their cats (compared to no owner–cat interaction). In a second experiment, this time where an experimenter provided the slow blink stimulus, cats had a higher propensity to approach the experimenter after a slow blink interaction than when they had adopted a neutral expression. Collectively, our results suggest that slow blink sequences may function as a form of positive emotional communication between cats and humans.


Typst: Compose papers faster

Focus on your text and let Typst take care of layout and formatting. Sign up now and speed up your writing process.

Gotta try someday? Maybe layout my future zine with it?


Пасы — родовые знаки коми

Пасы — это система графических знаков чаще геометрической формы, содержащая информацию о происхождении и родственных связях конкретного человека. Пас-основа передавался от отца к младшему сыну в неизменном виде, а к старшим сыновьям — трансформируясь с помощью добавления новых деталей или изменения его расположения.


Announcing Offpunk 2.0

Now split into three separate packages. Still in Python.



The text and the code go hand in hand

A list of personal websites that run personal software.


The proper design process in web development

We've read tens of articles like this. Let's read another one!



Cartographist is an ‘experimental web browser optimized for rabbit-holing’ notable for its paned user interface. It is written in Node JS. I haven't tried it out yet.

See also blog announcement. The development seems stalled.


Triplicate | Butterick’s Practical Typography

via kirillpogo 2021-06-04


Connary Fagen:Cartograph

via kirillpogo 2021-06-04


Does anyone prefer proportional fonts?

The case for proportional programming fonts

Programming fonts are stuck in the past. Proportional typesetting is everywhere and
there is no reason why you can’t use it for code.


Input: Fonts for Code — Info

Input is a typeface for code, designed by David Jonathan Ross and released by Font Bureau.


woob - Web Outside of Browsers

woob is a collection of applications able to interact with websites, without requiring the user to open them in a browser. It also provides well-defined APIs to talk to websites lacking one.


write your own terminal

experiment with texture healing (monospace kerning)


Tedu wrote a terminal and an article about it. Also links two other articles of his on the topic, which I also betulized. Writing your own terminal sounds fun!


Search | IndieWeb Search

Find a web page made by an IndieWeb community member.

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