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Programming On 34 Keys

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Minimizing your keyboard layout is a slippery slope.
34-keys has been reasonably comfortable to use, for both prose and program. My palms do not move across the desk at all, as I reach for keys. I mostly write Rust and Bash, and my layout has evolved to accomodate special characters from their grammars (angled brackets and hyphens, specifically). If you are on a similar journey, I would suggest focusing on accuracy and comfort over speed. Speed comes with time.


Crazypedia⍼ on toki pona keyboards


the #conlang nerd in me is so tickled that more than one person has designed and/or build #tokiPona keyboards 🤓

There is a non-zero chance that I may try to make a pi zero terminal or something to use with the discord and toiki.social at some point


Compact Pi Based Cyberdeck with Mechanical Keyboard


The keyboard is cute! A symmetrical layout. 3 keys for fingers, except for the index, which has 6; 3 thumbs. Low profile.




Ortho33 is a constrained input system designed to work with a 3x3 ortholinear keypad, such as the one found on a standard numberpad.


I have no capslock and I must scream @ marginalia.nu


you probably don't need a linux phone with a hardware keyboard


however, after having access to all three for more than two months now, i've really struggled to find situations where having those phones (or some similar hardware with modern internals) was actually useful. i regularly found myself reaching for my smartphone after being tired of typing out a long message on the tiny hardware keys, my thumbs hurting from the amount of force i had to apply to press them. i typed slower (even though i was touch-typing), i had more typos, and the typing experience in general was just worse. not to mention that all of the 3 phones had very different keyboards with different key sizes, different actuation forces, and different layouts. they all sucked.

i think that trying to converge the laptop/desktop and the smartphone into one device is a bad idea. the two have very different use-cases, different ergonomics, and different security models. i think that the best way to go is to have a smartphone and a laptop, and use them both for what they're good at. i also think that more people should learn to write mobile apps, as most of my discussions on this topic have boiled down to "i want a linux phone because i can only write desktop apps", which is kinda sad in my opinion.


Keyboard Matrix Help


It took me a bit to figure this out, partly due to the fact of no really good explanation of it. So, I'm going to have a crack at it. Basically, I wanted to understand how keyboard matrices work. Specifically, I wanted to know why keyboard "ghosting" and "masking" happen, and how to prevent them.

All you need to know. That's a relic of the past century!


Introduction | Phoenix


Something about configuring your puter with JavaScript.


Ergohaven presents: K:02 keyboard


Эргогавань — какая-то российская организация про клавиатуры. Надо разобраться


CapsLock Enhancement Mac v3


Transform ⇪CapsLock into a powerful modifier ✱ Hyper that miraculously increases your work productivity!


A different kind of keyboard


An arpeggio keyboard. Reminds me of Octodon.