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Why the Office Needs a Typewriter Revolution


Could we rethink and redesign office equipment, combining the best of mechanical and digital devices?


Direct Solar Power: Off-Grid Without Batteries | LOW←TECH MAGAZINE


You can go pretty far with solars without storing energy in a battery.


Simple Appropriate Technologies


Post-industrial bricolage


In Paris, they turn shopping carts into mobile corn cooking stations. Looks fun.


Permacomputing Aesthetics: Potential and Limits of Constraints in Computational Art, Design and Culture


Permacomputing is a nascent concept and a community of practice centred around design principles that embrace limits and constraints as a positive thing in computational culture, and on creativity with scarce computational resources.


Can We Make Bicycles Sustainable Again?


Cycling is the most sustainable form of transportation, but the bicycle is becoming increasingly damaging to the environment. The energy and material used for its production go up while its life expectancy decreases.


The original URL for this prediction (www.longbets.org/601) will no longer be available in eleven years. - Long Bets


Moving Up from a Raspberry Pi Web Server to a Low-Cost, Low-Power x86 Web Server


Seems like a continuation of the previous article: 186


Some of the Newer Thin Clients are Dirt-Cheap General-Purpose Computers


When my T620, arrived in the mail, I was immediately impressed. It has a substantial weight, due to its stong metal case surrounded by a thick plastic with many perforations for air flow. The T620 is fan-less, so it is absolutely silent while running, perfect for an HTPC. It reminded me of a Dell business desktop computer, because its cover can be removed without tools. Inside, the T620 was completely dust free. It looked new on the outside and the inside. This was almost like buying a new computer for $26.35. I immediately removed the 16 GB SSD and booted the T620 from an external USB flash drive with a command-line-only Debian distribution. Seeing that the power consumption never rose above 11 Watts during boot and remained at 5-6 Watts while idling confirmed that this should make a fine web server or NAS.


Origins — Mythic Computer


A computer manufactured by a craftsman.

Japan operates with an Island metaphysic, where resources are finite in space (Japan is an island nation) but infinite in time (by virtue of natural regeneration). The West operates with a Faustian metaphysic, where resources are infinite in space (by virtue of conquest) and infinite in time. It's interesting to see these metaphysical realities manifest in something as ordinary as tool manufacture.

Our motto, ARMA ACRI FACIENDA VIRO, comes from Book VIII of The Aeneid when Vulcan commands the cyclopes to "Forge arms fit for a hero".


PotatoP | Hackaday.io



A minimal computer which harvests power from the ambient light, offering
only a minimal LISP programming environment.

I feel that if it could become sufficiently powerful to run a shell and
a text editor, you could quickly expend it to read/send emails and even
browse Gemini.

Maybe I’m dreaming…

If you're happy with OpenBSD, probably any computer is good enough.