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Moving Up from a Raspberry Pi Web Server to a Low-Cost, Low-Power x86 Web Server

Seems like a continuation of the previous article: 186


Some of the Newer Thin Clients are Dirt-Cheap General-Purpose Computers

When my T620, arrived in the mail, I was immediately impressed. It has a substantial weight, due to its stong metal case surrounded by a thick plastic with many perforations for air flow. The T620 is fan-less, so it is absolutely silent while running, perfect for an HTPC. It reminded me of a Dell business desktop computer, because its cover can be removed without tools. Inside, the T620 was completely dust free. It looked new on the outside and the inside. This was almost like buying a new computer for $26.35. I immediately removed the 16 GB SSD and booted the T620 from an external USB flash drive with a command-line-only Debian distribution. Seeing that the power consumption never rose above 11 Watts during boot and remained at 5-6 Watts while idling confirmed that this should make a fine web server or NAS.


Thoughts On Markdown — Smashing Magazine

Markdown in all its flavors, interpretations, and forks won’t go away. However, it’s important to look at emerging content formats that try to encompass modern needs. In this article, Knut shares his advice against Markdown by looking back on why it was introduced in the first place, and by going through some of the major developments of content on the web.

The author tells how Markdown is used for different purposes.


Забытый зум

Хорошая обзорная статья.



A collection of zoomable demos working in browser. It is not smooth.


Compiling stack-based assembly to C

What does it take to bring functional programming to a stack-based assembly language?

About nito, 181.



nito, a proof-of-concept compiler from Uxntal to C

It is written in Raku!


The Internet Changed My Life

I’ve seen multiple discussions online as to the negative effects of the internet on society. There’s definitely harmful content online. It makes me sad to see the internet being used as a tool to s…



Extremely Online In Real Life

Is that enough? Evidence, as they say, suggests otherwise. We are finally always online and, as it turns out, lonelier than ever.


Reflections on the Internet: What It Should Be and Why

In a sense, we have begun to worship the Internet while we have lost our understanding of the basic principles that led to its creation a mere generation and a half ago. In this article I give as clear a picture as I am capable of what the Internet could be to each of us and why it should be that way.

Big text.


Finding "The Internet" Toxic and Depressing? Consider Leaving Your Walled Garden.

If you are finding the Internet toxic and depressing, you are very likely spending your time on the wrong part of the Internet.

I've read more than 20 texts like this. Here's another one.


Why I recommend CGI instead of web frameworks

The author tells us that CGI is good and should be used a lot.