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The world at my fingertips

The author's phone lost cellular connection so he wasn't always available anymore. The article lists his worries about that.

Very rarely I get an opportunity (it's an opportunity now) to be offline. It's always fun.


Backward Compatibility, Go 1.21, and Go 2

How Go is kept boring. And they canceled Go 2.


Cristóbal Sciutto

A home on the internet.


Post-industrial bricolage

In Paris, they turn shopping carts into mobile corn cooking stations. Looks fun.


The history of Tetris randomizers - Simon Laroche

An overview of Tetris randomizers.

The 7-bag has a consistent piece output, making it more predictable. It’s easy to know where in a bag you are, and when a piece you need might come. Because of how predictable this random generator is, it’s actually possible to play forever. Overall it’s a silly system that makes you wonder how it ever became the official randomizer.

It's actually why I like that randomizer!

I should try out TGM3.

Funny part: the illustration for the 7-bag features wrongly-coloured tetrominoes.