8 bookmarks for 2024-06-28


Gitlab — lanodan’s cyber-home


Gitlab power tricks


2024-06-16 Show Table of Contents


An interesting bookmarklet that inserts a TOC into the web page. Not shows in a pop-up, inserts!


Programming language notes


Felix on Vala, Zig, C++, Fortran, Ada, Scheme and Common Lisp.

Is this site running Feather Wiki? Seems so.


2024-06-27 Keep your own archives


Alex reminds us to keep our own archives of stuff we like. I remember how we had a discussion about that last November.


A guide to home row mods


What are home row mods? What is a mod-tap? What settings do you need to use? What are the alternatives? And more in this article...

I should get back into keyboards. Did you know I used to make ergokeebs from foam/cardboard and the cheapest components? Regarding the article, I don't think home row mods are a good idea.


Web of Documents


Yet another article lamenting the recent so-called developments of WWW. The author contrasts the web of documents with the web of applications. Lists three strict rules for the former: GET only, no scripts, no cookies. There's no place for Mycorrhiza and Betula in their current form in this world.

I used to think that indeed web applications have to go, embracing Gemini and whatnot. But after all these years, nah. Let's keep JavaScript. The thing is, let's use it responsibly.

via https://links.neonxp.ru/7


The XML Bookmark Exchange Language Resource Page


The XML Bookmark Exchange Language, or XBEL, is an Internet "bookmarks" interchange format.


The Soylent delusion and the folly of food-hacking


My takeaway from Soylent is this: You can’t simply hack humanity into a more optimized version of itself. Our needs and drives have been shaped by millions of years of co-evolution and won’t be engineered away by a coterie of coders — no matter how much pedigreed venture funding they secure.

Because, in the end, even the most powerful code can’t reprogram the squishy, gloriously inefficient realities of the flesh.

And reader, that’s not at all a bad thing.