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Alex Schroeder: 2023-06-16 Reinventing search

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is killing the web. Bots are writing text for other bots to read, wasting electricity and contributing to our downfall. The faster this bubble bursts, the better. I’m intent on helping it into the abyss. This is my Butlerian Jihad.

So what’s the alternative?

Link aggregators that allow people voting, with federation to allow for different communities to form, and moderation to prevent vandalism, hate-speech, spam and trolls. And then search there.


Edbrowse, a Command Line Editor Browser

Edbrowse, a text based editor browser.


Ten Digits on a custom mini computers

Mini computer easel is complete. I will continue to think about how to make it more stable/solid, but seems quite workable for my purposes.


Crazypedia⍼ on toki pona keyboards

the #conlang nerd in me is so tickled that more than one person has designed and/or build #tokiPona keyboards 🤓

There is a non-zero chance that I may try to make a pi zero terminal or something to use with the discord and at some point


Compact Pi Based Cyberdeck with Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard is cute! A symmetrical layout. 3 keys for fingers, except for the index, which has 6; 3 thumbs. Low profile.


XHTML Club - Extreme HyperText Movement for Luddites

There are several tens of members. New members are accepted.


Unit Test Fetish

Unit tests are not a panacea. End-to-end tests are often much more useful. Some things cannot be tested at all. Think before testing.


Bullshit jobs

They predicted we would have to work less now. We work the same, and we have a lot of “bullshit jobs”. I don't like name, but the term seems to be popular, so I'll stick with it for now. Why such jobs emerge? People need work, and if there is no real work, they are fine with fake work.


The Clockwork inside Game of Thrones

GRR Martin has a nice way of captivating the readers while still killing the characters all around the story. Usually, that wouldn't work, but he has a trick.


John MacFarlane - Beyond Markdown

They identified several problems with Markdown and proposed solutions to it for a future markup. I know of a good solution, which has no such ambiguities — Mycomarkup. Although a lot of points of the article do not really apply, as Mycomarkup is missing some features...