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Digital Abyss

to me, it feels wrong. i don't write for meticulous care & growth, i write because i'm desperate to (connect, understand, remember, leave something behind)

it reminds me that i'll die someday & i want people to remember who i was, and how i thought. i leave tracings of myself in this abyss, hoping that it'll help other people. it's fragments of me.

that's no garden. it's a mortal abyss. and i find a lot of meaning staring into it.


Docker — Abyss

An honest opinion on Docker. J3s thinks that Docker is useful when the application is too complex to install properly, and that developers should make the installation part simple instead of relying on Docker. Yeah, I agree.



This is a tool for generating a webring from RSS feeds, so you can link to other blogs you like on your own blog. It's designed to be fairly simple and integrate with any static site generator.

It generates cool things! Drew DeVault uses it.


Mycorrhizae . A songbook of fungal myths

Fabio Manganiello (

Browsing projects on #Sourcehut reminds me of what FLOSS development looked like 15-20 years ago. Ugly interfaces that were just thin layers above the code, barely any README (let alone wikis, or any form of easily accessible and structured documentation), and let's not mention accessibility on mobile.

How are we supposed to build the foundations of tomorrow's FLOSS if we use tools that look even more outdated than Craigslist? How are we supposed to have any credibility when we tell people "stop using Github, try Sourcehut instead"? How do we expect to create user engagement? How do we expect somebody who's not a developer to use software that doesn't even come with an easily accessible documentation?

And the discussion is good. The endless discussion about SourceHut's UI+UX! My opinion: UI is good, UX not so. But I use it nevertheless!


Give Up GitHub - Software Freedom Conservancy

This article made numbers on the fedded verses. It encourages everybody to ditch GitHub. The message makes sense. I've been reducing my GitHub presence. This article wasn't the trigger for me, but it was for many people. Maybe it will be one for you!


Wiki is better than email

Nobody gets it nowadays :-( This article is very old and probably lying. The microformats wiki is not even up-to-date, full of cruft.


StreetPass for Mastodon

StreetPass is a browser extension that helps you find your people on Mastodon.

Now available for Safari.


Thinking about switching away from Oddmuse

Alex Schroeder, one of wiki legends (he created OddMuse), thinks about moving away from OddMuse for his website and moving to a static site! What he needs, is a different wiki engine, though. A single user wiki engine is not a wiki engine really though.

But I've been thinking about that too to be honest. Trust brings problems. Accounts bring problems. Betula works fine being single user. Would the same work for Mycorrhiza? Most installations are single user after all. We're living in the age of individual+personal websites.


Distributed social networks: a personal survey

A five-year old overview of Fediverse history. It tells us about older exodi from the siloœ. How fun! We exile en masse, but the silœ still stand. How come?

The author predicts that the future belongs to ActivityPub. Yeah, kinda.


Fast machines, slow machines

Computers got slow. An extended version of the famous tweet.

The author mentioned that M1 was incredibly fast. I don't believe that. M1 was just ok. I bought one back then. But I guess being ok is incredible now.