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Why Does "=" Mean Assignment?

Why in C = means assignment


When digital nomads come to town - Rest of World

We need more of Richard Stallman, not less

RMS was right with the four freedoms. Copyleft was the solution all along. Then Ploum lists the freedoms and a new obligation:

  • The right to use the software at your own discretion

  • The right to study the software

  • The right to modify the software

  • The right to redistribute the software, including with modifications

  • The obligation to keep those four rights, effectively keeping the software in the commons.


Welcome to []

A surprisingly cute Linux-related news forum.


Moebius Gives 18 Wisdom-Filled Tips to Aspiring Artists (1996) | Open Culture

David J. Pearce (Formalising a Simple Virtual Machine)

Say No to Self-Deprecating Humor

Very true! Some time ago I came to a similar conclusion, and since then try to not joke like that.


An extremely vibeful site. Don't forget to check the Gopher version too! And Fedi too.