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2020-12-12 Computer Competency


Few people know how to use computers.


Some activities are harder than others


Alex tells us that, for him, baking and cooking are easier than programming and soldering, because the errors there average out. As for me, this is completely inverse.

In programming, an error never fixes itself. You can observe it and fix it, you can write tests. You can run the program multiple times. It's you who fixes it, and you can understand how it's done. It's measurable!

Meanwhile, cooking is a nightmare. Burning something is routine for me. Is that too much or too little oil? For how long do I fry? What do I do with these spices? Do they really affect the taste? And to observe something, I can't rely on symbolic things like text. No, I have to look (is this color good? No idea!), smell (as if I know the difference) and taste (nothing more inaccurate).

I'm happy when something can be cooked with a timer. 15 min for buckwheat? I'm in. I'm more happy when the time is short. 4 min for this thin kind of spaghetti? Already boiling water!

I mean, even boiling water is not simple. My parents told me to wait until the correct bubbles appear. I'm waiting for the scary ones. Also, salt is supposed to make it boil faster. How much salt do I add?

And I didn't even talk about plants, which Alex also considers easy. They're not 😭


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