10 bookmarks for 2023-06-13


Влияет ли язык на мышление? или: «У вас на юго-восточной ноге сидит муравей»


Ученые из Гарварда: Математические способности зависят от языка, на котором мы разговариваем


Такой вывод сделали на основании изучения языка индейцев племени цимане, которые в джунглях Амазонки ведут образ жизни охотников-собирателей

Ерунда какая-то, но интересно.


The Joys and Sorrows of Maintaining a Personal Website


Running a personal website is an emotional roller coaster. This fact seems strange to me, because I feel I do a fairly good job of keeping my ego disengaged from the process. I realize that whether people like what I write or hate it has absolutely nothing to do with my worth as a human being. Yet, receiving comments and emails from readers who say they enjoy my website and understand its value feels good.

By the way, dear reader, I would be glad if you told me that you like this site. If you don't like mine, contact owners of those sites that you like.




Lichen is the simplest possible CMS for the web that is friendly enough for non-technical users. It is extremely lightweight.

It uses gemtext, a good choice.




When you are publishing your blog posts, there's almost little to no feedback whatsoever: You don't get the engagement from the audience in the comments, or the nice sweet email. Your audience and "fans" are hidden behind analytics numbers. And then, there's you and your Markdown editor.

Yes indeed, next no to no feedback is a norm. Relatable, except for the Markdown editor.


Nintendo DS: внутреннее устройство, принципы работы и взлом


Archive it or you will miss it


At this point, link rot is an axiom of the internet. In the face of this, I store a personal offline archive of anything I want to see twice. When I see a cool YouTube video I like, I archive the entire channel right away. Rather than subscribe to it, I update my archive on a cronjob. I scrape content out of RSS feeds and into offline storage and I have dozens of websites archived with wget. I mirror most git repositories I’m interested in. I have DRM free offline copies of all of my music, TV shows, and movies, ill-begotten or not.


Robert J. Sawyer: Hugo and Nebula Award-Winning Science Fiction Writer


A popular (I don't know him) Sci-fi writer tells why WordStar is the best.


TextEditors Wiki: HomePage


A website about selecting and classifying text editors used in programming systems. These are the programming text editors such as Emacs, VI, Multiedit, slick, Slickedit, ISPF, Notepad, VI and VIM that are used by the vast majority of programmers on UNIX, Windows, VAX, and Mainframe systems. The structure of the website allows any vistor to leave their opinions, knowledge, and mark on the website for others to enjoy.




symmetrical image playground