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Школа для девочек в индийской пустыне Тар


Уникальная «Школа для девочек Раджкумари Ратнавати», спроектированная нью-йоркским архитектором Diana Kellogg, построена в 2021 году в пустыне Тар в Джайсалмере, штат Раджастхан, Индия.


No A/C? No problem, if buildings copy networked tunnels of termite mounds


Inspired by termits, we might develop a cool energy-effective cooling and heating system. Look at the pictures too.


A Simple Network of Underground Wells and Tunnels


Riddle solved: Why was Roman concrete so durable?


To prove that this was indeed the mechanism responsible for the durability of the Roman concrete, the team produced samples of hot-mixed concrete that incorporated both ancient and modern formulations, deliberately cracked them, and then ran water through the cracks. Sure enough: Within two weeks the cracks had completely healed and the water could no longer flow. An identical chunk of concrete made without quicklime never healed, and the water just kept flowing through the sample.

I knew Roman concrete was cool, but not that cool!