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Hits-of-Code Instead of SLoC


How about we measure the amount of times programmers touch the lines. Instead of counting the number of lines we’ll count how many times they were actually modified—we can get this information from Git (or any other SCM). The more you touch that part of the aircraft—the more effort you spent on it, right?

I called it Hits-of-Code (HoC) and created a small tool to help us calculate this number in just one line.

What a nice idea! I installed this program and ran it on Betula and Mycorrhiza codebases. For Betula it's 26350 HoC, for Mycorrhiza it's 137208 HoC. Yeah, Betula is still comparatively young! Hey, what about Mycomarkup? 23443. Oh wow, just a little less than Betula. I expected a small number.


Bloom Filters


A visual, interactive guide to what bloom filters are, when you would use them, and how they work.


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