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XXIIVV — solresol

A good overview of Solresol.


The format=flowed FAQ (Joe Clark)

Overcoming limitations of text email.


Is HTML-formatted e-mail still bad netiquette?

2010-era discussion. They generally agree it's a bad netiquette. Here in 2020-era I agree.


Inbox Zero - Björn Wärmedal

Now I use my inbox as a to do list of sorts. Emails are only there as long as they're relevant. Confirmation of a table reservation at a restaurant? It's at most relevant until the date of the booking has past. Archive it.


Reconsidering My Response to the Corporate Capture of Our Email System

A recent article has prompted me to rethink my position on self-hosted email as being a lost cause. I may be coming to a different conclusion than its author.

A response to 738.


After self-hosting my email for twenty-three years I have thrown in the towel. The oligopoly has won.

You cannot set up a home email server.

You cannot set it up on a VPS.

You cannot set it up on your own datacenter.

737. — email-based bookmarking

an email-based bookmarking service


Text editor design for e-ink displays

Good considerations. Did I tell you I want to have a eink cyberdeck?


Propositions as Filenames, Builds as Proofs: The Essence of Make - Bob Atkey

Make is logic.


Pushing it back - Charlie's Diary

Civilization leaves very few traces detectable centuries later. What if there were advanced civilizations that we didn't know of? Whale civilizations?