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Do you even compute, bro?


The dominant use of personal computers in the 21st century is the functional simulation of non-computers.

Today I spent unnecessary hours chatting online. It could've been... a visit to a bar? Do I have to drink every day? A park? Huh? Where do people talk nowadays? And at winter?

Then I watched some moving pictures. Sure, it could've been a video disk. But the moving pictures I watched would probably never get to me here, in a less-computer world.

Then, I've read some posts in Solderpunk's gemlog. It could've been a book which I don't think would've read.

Then I saved it to this Betula. What would I do elsewise? Cut the article from the book? Rewrite? Hmm, there is photocopy. Oh wait, I don't make copies of content in Betula (although it's a planned feature), I merely comment on them. Yeah, it could've been a notebook. No search though. And no RSS...

I'm not sure I want a world with less computers. Maybe just a little less.


One billion, one continent


Solderpunk came up with a different way of portraying the future of humanity in sci-fi. Slowly move everybody to one continent. Most people live in 50 megacities. We live and degrowth as long as we can. A fun concept. I myself like space conquering more, to be honest. Maybe combine the two?


Notes on e-mail privacy


The Great Archives


A different Bionicle story reference. I like the name.




The Official Webcomic by Tracy J Butler


BIONICLE: Masks of Power


The game!