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Why OO Sucks by Joe Armstrong

My principle objection to OOP goes back to the basic ideas involved, I will outline some of these ideas and my objections to them.


How do I know if I really need object oriented programming?

It's easy to determine if you really need the object oriented paradigm, you just need to look for the things that you can only do with object oriented programming and then ask yourself whether you really need that. It's called "The Three Pillars of Object-Oriented Programming". If you don't use all three at the same time, then you're not doing object oriented programming and you don't need it.


Matching pantry containers

I want matching pantry containers, even though I shouldn't.


SQLite the only database you will ever need in most cases

This is true.


Present & Correct

Beautiful stuff. Check out the blog!


There is no 64-bit type in C89 - the sporks space

long long does not exist there! It is all extensions.


How does IRC's federation model compare to ActivityPub?

Типографика языка ифкуиль

принцип нулевой ошибкипринцип_нулевои_ошибки.html

Poka Yoke - яп. «избегать ошибок». Не искать виноватых в ошибках, но совершенствовать процесс.


How to Write Shell Scripts

How to Write Shell Scripts and don’t go ballistic in the process.


research!rsc: The Magic of Sampling, and its Limitations

A month after reading this article, I learned the same thing at the university.


Интернет всё забывает

Нередко на статье о какой-нибудь очередной инновации я вспоминаю, что такое уже анонсировали лет 15—20 назад, но найти этого не удаётся, — все новостные издания, которые об этом писали, давно исчезли.


InputOutput | Home

Simple web tools with no popups, no cookies, no tracking.


How to understand Cyrillic – Paratype

A Life Less Ads |

How to receive less ads and how good it is.