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grishka/Smithereen: Federated, ActivityPub-compatible social network server with friends, walls, and groups.

Mastodon—and the pros and cons of moving beyond Big Tech gatekeepers | Ars Technica

Contains quotes from Christine Lemmer-Webber!


Guppe Groups

Guppe brings social groups to the fediverse — making it easy to connect and meet new people based on shared interests without the maniuplation of your attention to maximize ad revenue nor the walled garden lock-in of capitalist social media.

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~mariusor/brutalinks - Link aggregator inspired by reddit using ActivityPub federation. - sourcehut git

This project represents a new attempt at the social link aggregator service. It is modelled after (old)Reddit, HackerNews, and trying to combine the good parts of these services while mapping them on the foundation of an ActivityPub generic service called FedBOX.

It targets small to medium communities which ideally focus on a single topic. At the same it allows the community to reach other similar services and the rest of the fediverse ecosystem through the ability to federate.


edsu/feediverse: Send RSS/Atom feeds to Mastodon

feediverse will read RSS/Atom feeds and send the messages as Mastodon posts. It's meant to add a little bit of spice to your timeline from other places. Please use it responsibly.


lotide: Federated forum / link aggregator using ActivityPub

A federated forum / link aggregator using ActivityPub.


Blushy-Crushy Fediverse Idol: A Chat with Lain about Pleroma | by Sean Tilley


Pleroma creator's blog.